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Affordable clothes at Bossini

After having reviewed popular electronic devices brands in the past weeks, let’s now start with clothes brands. They’re plenty of them in Hong Kong and I will rather focus on affordable ones. This week’s special brand is Bossini (堡獅龍), a retail brand for inexpensive and casual clothing. Examples of prices: polos starting at HKD 69, […]

Malaysian spicy beef with rice

Today’s special meal is not exactly Cantonese but can be found in cha chan tans. Its English name is Malaysian spicy beef with rice, which can be pronounced in Chinese as Ma loy ga ley ao lam fan (pmp). As you guess, it’s rather a Malaysian meal, quite spicy but still eatable by western people […]

Afternoon in Central

Today’s shot was taken in Central during the afternoon. On the left is the beginning of the Lan Kwai Fong area. In front of us, at the end of Queen’s Road Central, is Sheung Wan. At our right is Louis Vuitton’s shop and behind us is the road to Admiralty.

Why subscribing to the RSS feed is important

The above video, courtesy of the commoncraft crew, is a  clear and comprehensive explanation of what RSS is. In short, RSS allows you to keep on being updated without having to check the website everyday. By clicking on the big orange button on the right, you will bookmark a RSS feed and add it to […]

Shanghai view

Alright, let’s avoid the traditionnal cliché of tradition vs modernity, for the “Old Street” (foreground) is everything but old. I would rather say that this picture illustrates two faces of China: the one we know now (old houses) and the one we have to get used to (the big skyscrapers.. here the Jin Mao tower […]

Buses and bicycles

China may be famous for bicycles, Hong Kong is now rather famous for buses and their ongoing traffic from side of the city to the other. This picture was taken in Causeway Bay and I quite like the image of the bicycle in the middle of motorized engines. Two means of transportation are missing here […]

Old Hong Kong

It can be kinda hard to get old pictures of Hong Kong. Tourist shops in Sheung Wan and elsewhere sell cheap photocopies (prices to be negotiated of course), but it’s more difficult to find real pictures from the last century. The picture above was taken in Sheung Wan and is the best shot I could […]

Music stores in Hong Kong

Tom Lee Music is the biggest music store in Hong Kong, with outlets across Asia and Canada. Every type of instrument is available there, from acoustic guitars to electronic drums and keyboards. The Cameron Lane (Tsim Sha Tsui) location is the historical first shop in Hong Kong; the above picture was taken in front of […]

Fish balls with rice noodles in soup

This time, the cantonese name is easier to remember: yu dan ho (pmp). Usually served in cha chan tans, rice noodles in soup with fish balls is a nice meal everyone can eat. Optionally, you can add vinegar and/or chili sauce on it. Two shapes of fish balls can be seen: real balls or triangles […]

Cheap hardware in Computer Centers

In the last weeks we have already covered a few shops where to buy electronic goods: Fortress, Citicall or Gome. Good sides are: rather cheap prices, easy access everywhere in Hong Kong given the huge number of outlets and large choice. Still, it’s a little harder when it comes to negotiating, and sellers usually prefer […]

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