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April 22, 2008
Fish balls with rice noodles in soup

This time, the cantonese name is easier to remember: yu dan ho (pmp). Usually served in cha chan tans, rice noodles in soup with fish balls is a nice meal everyone can eat. Optionally, you can add vinegar and/or chili sauce on it. Two shapes of fish balls can be seen: real balls or triangles as in the picture above, and sometimes both. Still in the picture above, have a closer look at the table: in cha chan tans, menus are usually displayed right on the table, under glass, to be seen at any time for easy order. Yu dan ho can be eaten for about HKD 30 (a little bit more in some restaurants though). Personnally, I usually choose crispy buns with butter and milk after yu dan ho.

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  1. Xianlin on April 23rd, 2008 1:02 pm

    btw: most cha chan tans provide English menus (see above photo)which is really convenient for people who have little Cantonese/Mandarin notion.
    Compare to Tokyo where few people speak English,in HK you will not in a lost-in-translation situation.

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