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Dong holik

Another great drink here in Hong Kong, on top of dong lai cha, is dong holik (cold Horlicks). This drink is basically made of hot Horlicks with milk and ice in it. Usually served in cha chan tans and other HK fast food restaurants, it feeds quite well (more than plain tea) and tastes like […]

Nice reflection in skyscraper

The good thing with glass-dressed skyscrapers is that they make it possible to reflect the surrounding buildings in a rather neat way. Here is a picture taken in Sheung Wan and showing the road’s opposite side building. You can notice how clean the skyscraper is, thanks to armies of Southeast Asia workers spending their days […]

Subway tickets in Beijing

This may change with the Olympic Games coming this summer.. but still, one year ago, this was how Beijing metro tickets used to look like: plain paper. And there was no machine to process them, but two ladies instead, manually tearing them before entering in the subway.

Shops density

One thing that fascinates me in Hong Kong streets is the way shops are glued one to another, with extremely little space left for walls or staircases. The picture above was taken in Sheung Wan and illustrates this proximity (only 10cm between the two shops). Hong Kong is not that big and every inch of […]

The world of Suzie Wong

Just finished reading The World of Suzie Wong. Waow. I first heard about this book while reading a blog about a fresh gweilo arriving in Hong Kong and seeing “Suzie Wongs” everywhere (sorry.. can’t find the link). Well this is not true, at least not true everywhere, for Suzie Wong is a prostitute, working at […]

All nighters at 7/11

Famous for being opened 24h a day (as its direct competitor Circle K), 7/11 stores are located throughout Hong Kong in a sometimes amazingly concentrated way (expect to find several stores on the same street). Prices are slightly upper than in supermarkets (around HKD 1 or HKD 2 more than in supermarket for items below […]

Afternoon tea set

Let’s try to pinyin this picture: so here you have ao yao do see (toast), cheun dan (sausage and egg) and satay ao yuk gong tsai min (satay beef served with instant noodles.. on the right side of the picture above). That’s typical of an afternoon tea set and can be found in cha chan […]

Star Ferry Pier, Central

Right in front of the IFC is Central’s Star Ferry Pier. Here you’ll find boats for TST of course (the famous Star Ferry) but also for HK islands (Lamma Island, Cheung Chau, Lantau etc.) and Macao (the pier is slightly more westwards in Sheung Wan). Above one of the ferry piers is a rather special […]

Email subscription now available on Hong Kong blog

Jeez, what a big piece of news! In case you still don’t have a RSS reader to follow posts daily (see this post published a few weeks ago), well you can now subscribe by email receive posts directly in your mailbox! To do so, just enter your email in the sidebar box (see the […]

Shanghai’s First Food Store…

… is not McDonald’s. You can breathe now :). This shot was taken in Shanghai and for one second I really thought they were talking about McDonald’s. Shanghai may be quite Western-friendly in terms of restaurants (all the usual burger brands are there), Chinese food is still the most eaten there.

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