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Best forex shops in Hong Kong

Located in Sheung Wan, Cleverly Street is a wall named street. There you can find forex shops to convert your money in HKD or the other way round. It’s a kind of fierce and direct competition between sellers: don’t hesitate to ask for rates at all the shops in the street and then choose the […]

The Olympic Games are coming!

This picture was taken more than one year ago in Beijing. With the arrival of the Olympic Games, Chinese people are learning English. For example, all taxi drivers in the town already know basic words and sentences so as to better communicate with foreign passengers. Although the lessons are rather short (seems to be less […]

A Hong Kong game: Mark Six

(The picture is courtesy of Wikipedia). Mark Six is a lottery style game quite popular in Hong Kong where you have to guess the 6 lucky numbers out of 49. In each draw, 7 numbers are randomly selected (including the extra number). The first prize (i.e. the 6 lucky numbers) is guaranteed to be at […]

Fake or not fake..

.. this is the question. I fell upon this shop in Shanghai and apparently I’m not the only one to have spotted this shop! Well they reversed the crocodile and split down the word in a more pronouncable way. But can it be considered as a brand apart? If you know about this shop, please […]

Chinese lucky numbers

In the Chinese culture, even numbers are rather considered as feminine numbers whereas uneven numbers are considered as being masculine. Each number more or less has an associated signification, usually because of similarities in the pronunciation.
Three (Cantonese: “saam“) : this number is often associated with life and longevity because of a phonetic similarity with the […]

Octopussy balls

This week’s meal is Japanese but can also be found in Hong Kong under the name of “bah tsao yu yuan” which literally means “octopussy balls“. The picture above shows the Japanese presentation style as you can find in food courts for example; but you can also find octopussy balls in the street (more “HK-style”) […]

Clean and spacious MTR

Contrary to Paris’ MTR, in Hong Kong the whole platform is protected by glass and automated doors (ok it’s also available on Paris’ 14th line, but in Hong Kong it’s just everywhere like that :). On this picture you don’t see a lot of people and it is misleading: like everywhere else, the MTR is […]

Ever growing Macau

I took this picture almost one year ago in Macau. It combines an elegant skyscraper (the Macau Sky Tower) together with a crane (yes, new casinos are still being built in Macao) and fading in the fog of a sunless evening. Some people argue there’s nothing to see in Macau and I don’t really agree […]

Virtual football at Victoria Peak

Alright, you don’t go to Victoria Peak to play video games.. but once you’ve filled your eyes with the gorgeous and famous view of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers, why not having some fun at the EA stand? There you can find virtual games like this one: a football field and ball are displayed on the ground […]

Hong Kong fast food: MX

MX is the fast food outlet of Maxim’s (you must have seen Maxim’s bakery shops in Hong Kong street, haven’t you?). It’s quite comparable to Fairwood and CafĂ© de Coral in terms of food choice and quality. My personal view is that this kind of restaurants are “organized” cha chan tans, so you can find […]

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