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IFC by night

Another look at the IFC, by night, from the tram line. As you can see, Hong Kong’s sky is not dark and believe me, this is not due to the camera :). In this picture you can also see the Mandarin Oriental, sadly famous for being the hotel from which Leslie Cheung committed suicide by […]

Singaporean noodles

Today’s meal is not from Hong Kong but can be found in every cha chan tan: it’s Singaporean noodles. Singaporean noodles can be more or less spicy depending on the restaurant you order it in, but it’s usually eatable by everyone. Said in Cantonese, it sounds like “Seng tsao chao mae“: next time you sit […]

Sai Yeung Choi Street South

A picture is worth a thousand lights. Sai Yeung Choi Street South is the vibrant heart and soul of Mong Kok. One week westwards from Tung Choi Street, Sai Yeung Choi Street is full of shops, from clothes to electronic good and restaurants. Don’t be surprised to find stored upstairs too: the street is literally […]

More attractive than Las Vegas

Macau, the only place in China with fully legalized gambling, is now supposed to be bigger than Las Vegas in terms of yearly earnings. Trip after trip, I could follow the building of its newest casino with a palm tree shape: the Grand Lisboa. The picture above gives us an idea of the building’s size […]

Ocean Park

This picture was taken in Ocean Park, a theme park created 30 years ago and located in the South of Hong Kong Island. Attractions are rather funny in there (complete list on Wikipedia) but sometimes look a little bit old. It’s now under a redevelopment plan aimed at making Ocean Park better compete against Disneyland […]

Crocs with fur

Alright, let’s make it clear from the beginning: Crocs are not a HK brand. Still, I’m not sure there is a lot of countries on earth selling crocs with fur in it. I took this picture in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui. Winters are not cold enough in Hong Kong to wear these shoes.. maybe […]

Dragon Boat race

Every year, in June, there’s a Dragon Boat race in Stanley beach (and in other beaches of Hong Kong too). As you can see in the picture above, Dragon Boat is totally human-powered with two paddlers per row, a drummer in the front of the boat and a steerer in the back. This means that […]

Satay beef with instant noodles

Our food referential here at the hong kong blog is growing! This week’s increment is all about Satay ao yuk gong tsai min (Satay beef with instant noodles). It’s not really a meal on its own, as it often comes along with toasts. Here in China, noodles are either fried or put in soup. Gong […]

Stinky tofu, Mong Kok

Still in Mong Kok (see last coverage about this unique district in Hong Kong): the “stinky tofu” shops on Sai Yeung Choi Street South. Now don’t misunderstand the name gwailos usually give to these shops: despite a strong odor, one can still find eatable food in it. If it’s your first day in Hong Kong, […]

Lotus Blue in Beijing

Ho Hai (PMP) is a famous place in Beijing with tons of bars and restaurants around a man-made lake. The place is really nice, especially at night. When walking around I fell upon this bar named after a famous Belgian comic: “The Blue Lotus” (French: Le Lotus Bleu), famous for containing clich├ęs about China (in […]

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