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July 1, 2008
Major overhaul on the Hong Kong blog!

It is now summertime and time for the Hong Kong blog to get a new facelift.. with cool new features added :). Here at we would like to go beyond pictures and include music and movies, because Hong Kong is also all about music and movies. We would also like to make user contribution easier by promoting guest posts (i.e. posts written by readers), add a forum and (why not?) a wiki. The idea behind all this is that the smallest contribution of anyone can benefit to everyone. For example, a question many people ask before going to Hong Kong is about the cost of life: maintaining a page with the price of current goods (examples of rental fees, price of water, of transportation etc.) can give a fair idea of what the life in Hong Kong can look like. And this is exactly what we’re all about!

During July and August, we will keep on publishing posts, perhaps no longer one post a day, but at least one post a week, and we will focus on enhancing the blog so as to be able to present the brand new in September for a new year to start!

Comments on this post are very welcome and we would be delighted to see new ideas being suggested :D.

To all our readers: enjoy the summer!

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