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July 7, 2008
Some Asia somewhere in Europe

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Noooooo !!!!! It is not possible ! it is not real ! They speak Cantonese and it is the taste of singapore fried noodles. Yes !!!!! it is possible and it is real ! In Amsterdam, you can find some Chinese restaurants in the China Town do the real Chinese food not the fake like in other European cities. These guys came and lived in Holland with their parents and now they have their second generation there like other Asia immigrants. Most of them do not speak Mandarin very well. Thanks to my 4-month experience in Hong Kong, I can understand almost what they talked about and made the order in Cantonese but to communicate it is another story… Anyway I almost felt I was in Hong Kong again. But when I paid 10.50 euros for this Singapore fried noodles, I realized how much I miss the real Hong Kong…

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