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Fake or not fake..

.. this is the question. I fell upon this shop in Shanghai and apparently I’m not the only one to have spotted this shop! Well they reversed the crocodile and split down the word in a more pronouncable way. But can it be considered as a brand apart? If you know about this shop, please […]

Hong Kong fast food: MX

MX is the fast food outlet of Maxim’s (you must have seen Maxim’s bakery shops in Hong Kong street, haven’t you?). It’s quite comparable to Fairwood and Café de Coral in terms of food choice and quality. My personal view is that this kind of restaurants are “organized” cha chan tans, so you can find […]

Crocs with fur

Alright, let’s make it clear from the beginning: Crocs are not a HK brand. Still, I’m not sure there is a lot of countries on earth selling crocs with fur in it. I took this picture in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui. Winters are not cold enough in Hong Kong to wear these shoes.. maybe […]

Crepes come from Japan

It’s a tiny shop located in Causeway Bay.. which brilliantly caught my attention. “Crêpes” are a French specialty, “Marion” is a French firstname, the background on this picture is made with France’s national colors, the word “Pâtisserie” is French (means “pastry”).. and all this is supposed to come from Harajuku, Japan. Now the funny thing […]

Burgers are back: TGI Friday’s

TGI Friday’s have an outlet in Tsim Sha Tsui (facing the California Fitness on Nathan Road) and believe me, burgers are good there. Along with Delifrance and other western restaurants, TGI Friday’s can bring the good taste of Western food back in gweilos’ mouths for a couple of dozens of dollars more than a basic […]


Beware of the name: the food in there is not 100% French but European at best. Still, it may be quite refreshing for any gweilo momentarily tired of eating noodles and rice in cha chan tans. Delifrance shops can be found throughout Hong Kong and prices in there are rather cheap, although being more expensive […]

All nighters at 7/11

Famous for being opened 24h a day (as its direct competitor Circle K), 7/11 stores are located throughout Hong Kong in a sometimes amazingly concentrated way (expect to find several stores on the same street). Prices are slightly upper than in supermarkets (around HKD 1 or HKD 2 more than in supermarket for items below […]

Cheap food at Cafe de Coral

There are really plenty of restaurants in Hong Kong. Today’s brand highlight is all about one of them: Café de Coral (大家樂). Here you’ll find cheap HKese food (expect less than HKD 30 for a meal). Afternoon tea sets, chu pa bao (pmp), French toasts, chicken served with corn and potatoes etc. The quality is […]

Affordable clothes at Bossini

After having reviewed popular electronic devices brands in the past weeks, let’s now start with clothes brands. They’re plenty of them in Hong Kong and I will rather focus on affordable ones. This week’s special brand is Bossini (堡獅龍), a retail brand for inexpensive and casual clothing. Examples of prices: polos starting at HKD 69, […]

Music stores in Hong Kong

Tom Lee Music is the biggest music store in Hong Kong, with outlets across Asia and Canada. Every type of instrument is available there, from acoustic guitars to electronic drums and keyboards. The Cameron Lane (Tsim Sha Tsui) location is the historical first shop in Hong Kong; the above picture was taken in front of […]

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