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Token-based MTR in Shenzhen

Note: this is a guest picture from Xianlin. You too, write for! Contact the hkvibes team.

No ticket needed for the MTR in Shenzhen.. instead, it works with tokens. The picture above (courtesy of Xianlin) shows how the system works. You can find our latest coverage of Hong Kong’s MTR system here.

The Olympic Games are coming!

This picture was taken more than one year ago in Beijing. With the arrival of the Olympic Games, Chinese people are learning English. For example, all taxi drivers in the town already know basic words and sentences so as to better communicate with foreign passengers. Although the lessons are rather short (seems to be less […]

Ever growing Macau

I took this picture almost one year ago in Macau. It combines an elegant skyscraper (the Macau Sky Tower) together with a crane (yes, new casinos are still being built in Macao) and fading in the fog of a sunless evening. Some people argue there’s nothing to see in Macau and I don’t really agree […]

More attractive than Las Vegas

Macau, the only place in China with fully legalized gambling, is now supposed to be bigger than Las Vegas in terms of yearly earnings. Trip after trip, I could follow the building of its newest casino with a palm tree shape: the Grand Lisboa. The picture above gives us an idea of the building’s size […]

Lotus Blue in Beijing

Ho Hai (PMP) is a famous place in Beijing with tons of bars and restaurants around a man-made lake. The place is really nice, especially at night. When walking around I fell upon this bar named after a famous Belgian comic: “The Blue Lotus” (French: Le Lotus Bleu), famous for containing clich├ęs about China (in […]

Road contrast

Still on the road (see yesterday’s post), but in Beijing this time. Sellers don’t hesitate to find their way beneath cars and buses in order to cross the road, even though they’re carrying merchandise. People are China’s main asset, but sometimes life doesn’t seem to be so. In China, motorized vehicles have absolute priority over […]

Tamago double

I couldn’t find it in Hong Kong.. but in Japan, yes they have the Double Tamago burger (i.e. burger with two eggs). Jeez I wish we could have it in Hong Kong as well! Yep, elsewhere in Asia, burgers are different. That’s what they call “Glocalization” maybe :).

Subway tickets in Beijing

This may change with the Olympic Games coming this summer.. but still, one year ago, this was how Beijing metro tickets used to look like: plain paper. And there was no machine to process them, but two ladies instead, manually tearing them before entering in the subway.

Shanghai’s First Food Store…

… is not McDonald’s. You can breathe now :). This shot was taken in Shanghai and for one second I really thought they were talking about McDonald’s. Shanghai may be quite Western-friendly in terms of restaurants (all the usual burger brands are there), Chinese food is still the most eaten there.

Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden

We’re back to mainland China for this week’s “Elsewhere in Asia”! The picture above was taken from the Humble Administrator’s Garden of Suzhou (not far away from Shanghai). Suzhou is famous for its gardens and this one is the largest one. Originally built in 1509, this garden alternates small lakes, rocks, small pavilions and halls. […]

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