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Some Asia somewhere in Europe

Note: this is a guest post from Xianlin. You too, write for! Contact the hkvibes team.

Noooooo !!!!! It is not possible ! it is not real ! They speak Cantonese and it is the taste of singapore fried noodles. Yes !!!!! it is possible and it is real ! In Amsterdam, you can find […]

Octopussy balls

This week’s meal is Japanese but can also be found in Hong Kong under the name of “bah tsao yu yuan” which literally means “octopussy balls“. The picture above shows the Japanese presentation style as you can find in food courts for example; but you can also find octopussy balls in the street (more “HK-style”) […]

Singaporean noodles

Today’s meal is not from Hong Kong but can be found in every cha chan tan: it’s Singaporean noodles. Singaporean noodles can be more or less spicy depending on the restaurant you order it in, but it’s usually eatable by everyone. Said in Cantonese, it sounds like “Seng tsao chao mae“: next time you sit […]

Satay beef with instant noodles

Our food referential here at the hong kong blog is growing! This week’s increment is all about Satay ao yuk gong tsai min (Satay beef with instant noodles). It’s not really a meal on its own, as it often comes along with toasts. Here in China, noodles are either fried or put in soup. Gong […]

Dong ling tsa

Never forget that a good ice lemon tea is waiting for you in the nearest cha chan tan! This famous beverage is actually prepared by mixing different kinds of tea with specific proportions which makes it unique and, at the same time, difficult to replicate for foreigners. It’s not just plain tea with ice thrown […]

Cheun dan + ao yao do see

As seen two weeks ago, cheun dan ao yao do see is definitely worth a try. Perhaps the most Western meal you’ll find in cha chan tans.

Dong holik

Another great drink here in Hong Kong, on top of dong lai cha, is dong holik (cold Horlicks). This drink is basically made of hot Horlicks with milk and ice in it. Usually served in cha chan tans and other HK fast food restaurants, it feeds quite well (more than plain tea) and tastes like […]

Afternoon tea set

Let’s try to pinyin this picture: so here you have ao yao do see (toast), cheun dan (sausage and egg) and satay ao yuk gong tsai min (satay beef served with instant noodles.. on the right side of the picture above). That’s typical of an afternoon tea set and can be found in cha chan […]

Dong lai cha

This is one of the most common beverages you’ll find in Hong Kong’s cha chan tans (pmp). It’s basically cold tea with milk (and ice). I don’t know what makes cha chan tan’s tea so special but it’s definitely worth trying it out. Depending on the restaurant you’ll pick, you can find it as low […]

Malaysian spicy beef with rice

Today’s special meal is not exactly Cantonese but can be found in cha chan tans. Its English name is Malaysian spicy beef with rice, which can be pronounced in Chinese as Ma loy ga ley ao lam fan (pmp). As you guess, it’s rather a Malaysian meal, quite spicy but still eatable by western people […]

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